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Wanting to be one of the dancers

“Wanting to be one of the dancers”

2 MA IMG_20150115_154256413_HDR
Suzanna Treumann, January 2015

Schwere Reiter – Tanz Theater Musik

Art installation, as part of the exhibition at the Schwere Reiter theater, to go along with dance performance “Ground(s) – Diptychon” by Jasmine Morand with David N. Russo, in collaboration with the dancers. A couple of artists were invited to exhibit at the theater, working with a black line that was drawn on the walls. The exhibition was organized by Munich Artists.

I spent three days in the theater, watching the dancers rehearse. I was frustrated with the result at first, unable to catch their swift movements on paper. But just like the dancers kept trying certain passages of the choreography, I kept sketching.

Dancer and the black line, ink on paper, 24x32cm, in possession of David N. Russo

I wanted to get closer to the dancers. They all worked together. It felt good being around them, having my temporary studio in their space.

Dancer, ink and oil crayon on watercolor paper, 24x32cm

1 MA IMG_20150114_190708 Black and white
Choregrapher Jasmine Morand and Fabio Bergamaschi posing

There was a certain pose that I’d seen and that had moved me. I made a sketch and showed the dancers what I was looking for. The dancers were so kind as to follow my directions when they posed for me in this picture. The female dancer is a choreographer as well. My directions made her laugh.

10 Dancers MA IMG_20150117_020251569 copy2
Dancers, ink on paper, 24x32cm, in possession of Jasmin Morand

2 MA IMG_20150115_154256413_HDR
I realized that watching this group of dancers rehearse had made me feel lonely as an artist. I too, wanted to belong. I too, wanted to move my body instead of sitting still while bodies danced their way through my pile of sketches. That’s when it clicked. I had to get passed my shame and work from what I felt. I changed what I was doing, stopped being an observer and started being a dancer.

I put on black clothes and photographed myself with a remote control. I painted a body on soft paper. I hung the body on the hanger, hung it on the black line and posed as a dancer.

I danced my solo dance by the box in which a male and a female dancer normally do a performance about intimacy. I imagined I was communicating with the dancer’s couple inside the box.

7One of the dancers took a break behind the box while I continued to photograph myself.

I went back to my temporary atelier where I’d been working making sketches of the dancers. It was a few hours before the premiere, and time to leave. I said goodbye to this place by painting with my feet.​

One of the dancers came to join me and we made an abstract painting together. With, grey and blue and red drawing ink, mixing it to a violet grey. It was fun. We talked about being an artist and being a dancer.

Dancer Mamel Sacas and I painting with our feet. It was like dancing and painting at the same time. Polaroids by Emmy Horstkamp

9 MA IMG_20150115_222856192_HDR
I photographed some of the sketches I had made of the dancers during the rehearsal.

© Suzanna Treumann 2015